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These unusually large scales significantly turn even ordinary makeup into an outstanding creation. Ideal for achieving an impressive effect or adding shimmering “crystal” to the everyday look, it also surprises with a bright shine in evening or special makeup. Pearlescent pigments can achieve the effect of “color movement” depending on the angle of light. Their depth, dimension, brilliance and brilliance are undoubtedly a virtue of appearance.

The final effect depends on your creativity!

Among the many ways to apply, find yours for creating makeup:

Tips & Tricks:

- apply on your favorite lipstick or HD Lip Tint to create lips

- mix with Sleeks Gloss or High Gloss Lip Oil to get a 3D effect

- play with the product to create a half face and sparkling body color - for the best effect, use fluffy brushes

- apply as top coat for eye makeup and use Eye Shadow Keeper for better adhesion of the product

- gently touch the product on enamel for nails to create a precious manicure for any occasion

- mix colors to get the perfect, personalized touch

- use a makeup fixer and spray a flat brush to pick up the sparkles

- identify shades of the product, applying them on light and dark foundations

- apply Duraline to improve the metal finish

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