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Independence, self-confidence, elegance and the highest class - these are your advantages. You are focused on success in many areas - work, dreams and passions. You are not afraid to reveal the power of your femininity, showing either a subtle or a bold version of yourself.

For this reason, INGLOT created LipSatin, a lipstick that will match your look depending on your desired mood. Stay beautiful, surrendering to a career, go in for sports or go shopping in any way you choose: delicate, subtle shades or more boldly expand your bold and undiscovered nature with red, pink or even purple shades.

A creamy, soft formula provides the perfect finish and softens your delicate lips, leaving them with a feeling of nourishment and regeneration. Enriched with special ingredients that care, soften lips and LipSatin lipsticks with special pigments, they focus on a satin-velvet finish and make your lips fuller with a clear outline. The composition of these lipsticks includes vitamin E, seed oil of cherry, argan, apricot and coconut oils, which smoothes the lips and improves their elasticity, moisturize and protect against external factors.


Аня 2020-06-01

Модный цвет 306 липсатин

Амелина Татьяна

Амелина Татьяна 2019-07-25

Люблю классические помады от Инглот) Эта не стала исключением


Елена 2019-07-18

Очень приятная текстура. Помада не течет и не скатывается. Что мне особенно нравится - продукт не имеет выраженной отдушки (я этого не люблю). Очень довольна, рекомендую!

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