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Hide unwanted skin imperfections and add a subtle glow with light motion with the indispensable INGLOT Coverup & Highlight Duo.
This waterproof product is divided into two parts: a concealer with strong covering properties that provides a powdery finish and a light creamy highlighter for a sophisticated glow to your skin.
The concealer perfectly aligns pigmentation, other imperfections of the skin and evens out its tone. Convenient applicator with a soft sponge allows you to easily and accurately apply the product in the gentle area of ​​the eye, as well as in certain point parts of the face. A light creamy formula with saffron extract prevents product from slipping and clogging pores. Enriched with Vitamin E, emollient components and Edelweiss stem cells, the concealer further smoothes and moisturizes the skin.

Highlighter includes concentrated HD pigments that create the effects of a natural skin glow. The gentle applicator allows you to accurately apply the product on the cheekbone, the line under the eyebrows, the nose or the tick over the lip. The effect of radiance is achieved with the help of saffron extract, which further moisturizes and smoothes the skin.
Convenient, minimalistic packaging is suitable for small cosmetics bags, handbags or even tiny clutches. Convenient product 2 in one that lets you quickly tweak your makeup at parties, at the office, on a date or while traveling. Use individually or mix together.
The perfect product - a combination of the most essential cosmetic must have in one package! Made in five color combinations that match your skin tone.
An integral product that you cannot live without!

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