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30 ml / 1 US fl oz

HD Makeup correction foundation is available in 5 colors, in order to even out skin tone and hide imperfections. Lily and hyaluronic acid extract moisturize and even out skin tone. In addition, each of the primers is enriched with carefully selected ingredients that improve the condition of the skin and at the same time care for it.
HD Correction Base improves the properties and application of foundation creams and prolongs the durability and color balance of makeup.
The whole foundation is hypoallergenic

Enriched with an extract of luxurious white truffle, known for its nutritional properties. This primer:
- It neutralizes the color of yellowish skin, restores and evens out the natural and natural skin color
- Emphasizes the natural color of the skin.

Enriched with horse chestnut extract, which strengthens blood vessels, this primer:
- neutralizes redness of the skin,
- Masks obvious capillaries.

Enantia chlorantha enriched with an extract of the bark of an African tree provides a matting effect, this primer:
- neutralizes redness of the skin and purple spots,
- Absorbs excess sebum.
- Matts the skin

Enriched with saffron extract with its antioxidant functions, this primer:
- neutralizes blue and purple spots
- Emphasizes the naturalness and naturalness of the skin.

Enriched with ginkgo biloba extract to improve skin elasticity, this primer:
- Neutralizes brown spots.

HD All Inglot products contain high quality pigments. Ideal for everyday use, these products can also be used for shooting in high definition, providing a perfect look even on the big screen.

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